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As parent or legal guardian of the minor child named above, I hereby acknowledge that participation in this event or activity may have a risk of physical injury. I further acknowledge that the programs of Forsyth Central High School and Team OTTO Booster Club Inc. are administered and supervised by employees and other adults who volunteer their time and may not be paid professionals in the particular activity undertaken. In consideration for Team OTTO Booster Club’s acceptance of the registration of the child named above and permitting his or her voluntary participation in the event in the program named above, I hereby release, discharge and hold harmless Forsyth Central High School, Team OTTO Booster Club Inc, their employees, attending volunteers, and other representatives from any claims arising out of or relating to any injury that may result to the child while participating in this event, including any injury which may be the result of negligence by any employee, volunteer or other representative while performing his or her duties during the event.

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